2011 ALES RUN #15 Reclamation Project- Noble County

Problem Description

The Ales Run #15 Reclamation Project is located in Jefferson Township, Noble County, Ohio. This site was surface mined in the late 1960s by B&N Coal Company.  This is one of thirty individual sites identified within the Ales Run Watershed which is an excessive contributor of sediments, not only to Ales Run, but also to the Duck Creek Watershed.  This site is plagued with in-stream spoils, deep erosion gullies and barren strip benches/slopes.

The scope of work for this site will be to establish drainage controls from the barren benches, re-establish natural drainage corridor and stabilize with rock channel protection, stabilize barren out slopes, capture seeps from the high wall and resoil and revegetate all barren/disturbed portions of the site. When completed, 2698 linear feet of stream will be reclaimed, and 13.75acrea of barren area will be resoiled and vegetated.

Solution Description

The goal of the work is to significantly reduce the amount of sedimentation to the unnamed tributaries of Ales Run and ultimately Duck Creek. By reducing the sediment load, flooding frequency should be reduced to all areas downstream of the site.

Grant Funding

Amount Requested from the MWCD PWM Grant Program- $423,100.00

Amount Granted and Paid by MWCD- $152,000.00

Location Information

Activity Log

This project was completed in June 2012.

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