2010 Sugar Creek Conservation Corridor Parcel Acquisition

Problem Description

The Sugar Creek Conservation Corridor, located in the 357 square mile Sugar Creek Watershed, seeks to protect land and improve water quality in the Sugar Creek Watershed, which is rated as the second most adversely impacted watershed in the state by the Ohio EPA. This project seeks to obtain 30 acres as part of the overall corridor protection project along the Middle Fork of Sugar Creek. The Wilderness Center owns approximately 1050 acres within the watershed bordering more than 22,000 linear stream feet of the Sugar Creek main stem and nearly 8,000 linear stream feet in its tributaries.

Solution Description

This parcel acquisition, which will serve to provide a means of connectivity between conservation lands, will protect land along Sugar Creek and its tributaries to improve water quality through the filtration of sediments and nutrients during flood events as well as runoff from normal precipitation events leading to a healthier watershed for both people and livestock. Floodplain ecosystems within the Sugar Creek Watershed play an important role in flood protection and provide habitat for many native species in northeast Ohio.

Grant Funding

$15,785 for the required local-cost share match for a Clean Ohio Fund program for acquisition of a 30-acre parcel of property under the Sugar Creek Corridor Protection Plan. The total project cost is estimated at $63,323.

Total project cost:          $63,323
Requested Grant:          $15,000
Approved Grant:            $15,000

This project is completed and closed.


Location Information

Approximately 30 acres located in a quarter-section 22NW of Sugar Creek Township in Stark County.  It is located along the Middle Fork of Sugar Creek from approximately River Mile 1.6 to Appoximately River Mile 1.1 and is just to the north of the Wilderness Center Marchand Conservation Easement.

Activity Log

Partnership was approved by MWCD Board of Directors on April 23, 2010.

The land acquisition was complete when the property transferred title to the Wilderness Center in fall of 2010.  The land is now an integral part of the Sugarcreek Conservation Corridor.

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