2010 Muskingum Watershed Improvement Project Workshop

Problem Description

This Stark County Park District program will provide watershed content knowledge, curriculum support, and project planning skills for teachers within the Nimishillen and Upper Tuscarawas Watersheds within Stark County. Teachers will then be able to use their local watershed as a curricular theme and use place-based education theory research to design and implement a water improvement project at their school site.

Solution Description

The project consists of three goals. The first is to orient educators to the concept of a watershed as a system for sustainable practices. The second goal is to guide teachers in evaluating existing curricular resources relative to the Freshwater Education for Sustainability framework (offered through Kent State Stark). The third goal is to enable teachers to create and implement place-based projects to enhance the local watershed.

Grant Funding

The Stark County Park District has established a partnership with Stark County Educational Services Center, Kent State University Stark Campus and the Stark County Soil and Water Conservancy District. Each partner brings their own expertise to the workshop.

Total Project Costs:     $27,680
Requested Grant:        $22,080
Recommended Grant: $22,080

Location Information

Several locations around Stark County, including workshops at the Stark Park's Exploration Gateway and site visits.

Activity Log

Partners in Watershed Grant approved by the Board of Directors on April 23, 2010.

This grant is completed.

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