2010 Licking County Flood Warning System

Problem Description

MWCD has partnered with numerous agencies and communities as a cost share sponsor for the purpose of implementing an early flood warning system. This system will enhance the ability of the National Weather Service to develop flood forecasts and implement an advanced flood warning system in Licking County for the Village of Granville, City of Newark, City of Heath, Village of Hebron and the Village of Buckeye Lake.

Solution Description

This project enables the public and emergency managers to visualize the areal extent of current and forecasted flood conditions. The additional stream flow data and the ability for emergency management officials to receive real-time flood conditions will contribute to Licking County's efforts to assess flood conditions and take appropriate steps to protect life and property.

Grant Funding

Total Project Cost:      $651,000
Requested Grant:       $124,000
Recommended Grant: $124,000

Location Information

Activity Log

A PWM Grant for $124,000 was approved by the Board of Directors on August 20, 2010.  The project is now installed and operational.

The Board also approved a grant towards Operation & Maintenance costs for four stream gages in the Licking County Flood Warning System. This was approved January 21, 2012.  The MWCD cost share for the 2012 is $23,000.

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Licking County
Ohio Department of Transportation
City of Newark
Denison University
Granville Township Trustees
Village of Granville