2010 Floodplain/ Riparian Corridors Management Workshops and Field Tour

Problem Description

Educating public officials and community leaders in the Washington County area about floodplain management will help them make better informed decisions in the complex arena of floodplain management and reduce future flood control problems. It is anticipated that 200 participants will attend both workshops with another 40 taking part in the field tour.

Solution Description

This project will provide community leaders in predominantly rural counties with science-based information and examples of tools and resources they can use when making decisions that affect the floodplains in their communities. Two evening workshops will be held along with a field tour designed to increase awareness and knowledge in public officials and community leaders about environmental issues associated with floodplain management.

Grant Funding

Total Project Cost: $9,929
Requested Grant: $4,053
Approved Grant:   $4,053

Location Information

Involving community representatives throughout the Duck Creek Watershed including the counties of Washington, Noble and Morgan counties.

Activity Log

Partners in Watershed Management Grant approved by the MWCD Board of Directors on April 23, 2010.  This program was completed the same year.

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