2009 Lick Run Pond No.1 Repair Project

Problem Description

The MWCD is a cost-share partner with ODNR's Division of Mineral Resource Management - Acid Mine Drainage Unit to repair and modify a detention dam in the Lick Run Bay portion of Piedmont Lake. The dam will collect and reduce the amount of aluminum sulfate entering directly into Piedmont Lake as the result of acid mine drainage.

Solution Description

Repair and replacment the spillway system and embankment for Pond No. 1 dam took place during Fall of 2009.  The newly repaired embankment created a pond area which will serve to detain surface runoff causing aluminum sulfate to precipitate and settle significantly reducing the amount entering into Piedmont Lake.

Grant Funding

Total estimated project cost - $75,000
MWCD local cost-share - $34,468

Location Information

Located within the Egypt Valley Wildlife Area near Piedmont Lake in Belmont County.


Activity Log

A Project Agreement between MWCD and ODNR was approved in October, 2009.  Construction began in October of 2009 and was substantially completed as of December, 2009.  Final embankment grading, roadway surface installation, and seeding was completed in April/May 2010.

Update August 2011 - Lick Run Pond 1 Repair Project completed.

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