2009 Canton Fairhope Nature Preserve Storm Sewer Project

Problem Description

The Fairhope Nature Preserve project was conceived by the City of Canton as an eco-friendly solution for a much-needed sewer rehabilitation project in the Fairhope area. 

Initial plans for the main storm sewer pipe had discharge flowing directly into Fairhope Ditch.  The design team looked to reduce runoff and siltation by addressing unrestricted stormflow into the ditch.  With the acquisition of a 57 acre parcel of land, a plan was developed that included a forebay and detention pond as well as educational wildlife areas, walking trails, and greenspace for residents of the area.

Solution Description

MWCD has agreed to cost-share for the stormwater detention basin phase of the project. 

Total estimated project cost - $560,000
MWCD estimated local cost-share - $43,200


Grant Funding

MWCD agreed to provide local cost-share funding toward the construction of a forebay and retention basin in the City of Canton, Stark County. The project will reduce pollution loading and reduce peak storm flows into Fairhope Ditch, ultimately flowing through Dover Dam. The City of Canton received a state grant for the project of $560,000, and will contribute $80,000 toward the required local match of $123,200.  MWCD provided the remaining local cost-share match of $43,200.

Location Information

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The project area is located between Lesh St. NE and 30th NE in Canton near the Fairhope Ditch.  Fairhope Stream, which runs through the area, is a tributary of the East Branch of Nimishillen Creek.

Activity Log

Construction of the forebay and detention basin began in 2009 and continued through 2010.  The ribbon cutting ceremony was held April 30, 2011.  Click this link to read the story that was published in the Canton Repository. 

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