2016 Wastewater Plant Repair - Camp Roosevelt - Firebird, Carroll County

Problem Description

Camp Roosevelt-Firebird on Leesville Lake is requesting financial assistance to repair a failing wastewater system.  The current system is failing and in need of modifications and repairs to prevent untreated effluent from entering Leesville Lake.  The proposed project includes design and planning, repair of two pump stations and the wastewater treatment system, and an education component for youth campers.

Solution Description

Wastewater treatment and collection system projects has an immediate water quality impact.  Located directly on Leesville Lake, this project has been identified as an MWCD Priority Level One wastewater system project.

Grant Funding

Total Project Cost:    $32,500
Requested Grant:    $26,000
Recommended Grant:    $26,000

Location Information

Camp Roosevelt-Firebird is located directly on Leesville Lake in Carroll County.

Activity Log

The recommended grant was approved by the Board of Directors on Feb. 19, 2016.

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