2009-2014 Pleasant Hill Slope Stabilization Project

Problem Description

Severe erosion and slope stability concerns adjacent to residential structures at Pleasant Hill Lake in Ashland County have spurned a geotechnical investigation to determine the cause for slope instabilities.  Thousands of tons of shoreline material have washed into Pleasant Hill Reservoir as a result of these instabilities.

Phase 1 of this project involves data collection and identification of the slope instability causes.  This phase began in Fall of 2009.  Potential solutions have been presented and analyzed.

Phase 2 involved analysis of the information and suggested solutions.

Phase 3 involved the restoration and stabilization of 300' of shoreline.  The final slope consists of rock protection from the toe of the slope to a set elevation and protected by limestone rock.  Above that are vegetative slopes.

Solution Description

MWCD contracted with S&ME Inc. (Columbus) and CT Engineering (Akron) to identify the cause(s) behind the slope instabilities as well as to propose potential solutions.  The project is located along the southern shoreline of Pleasant Hill Reservoir near the Pine Hill area.

Grant Funding

Phase 1 (completed) - Identify the cause of the slope instability through such methods as:

  • Site reconnaissance and field surveys of public boundaries
  • Subsurface investigation including laboratory anaylsis and slope instrumentation study and
  • Geotechnical and hydraulic analysis of existing site conditions.

Phase 2 (completed) - Analyze potential solutions.

Phase 3 - (completed) - Solutions implemented and noted above. Construction completed in March of 2012.

Location Information

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Activity Log

Engineers from BBC&M (now S&ME Inc.) and CT Consultants along with MWCD Engineering Department staff met with homeowners from the Pine Hill area in mid-November, 2009 to introduce the project and solicit preliminary feedback.  Phase I of the project is complete and an analysis of geotechnical data is being used to develop a solutions matrix.  Project costs through May 31, 2010 are $268,791. 

Possible solutions were presented to homeowners in March, 2010, and  homeowner meetings were held throughout Phase 2. 

March 2012 - The project is completed.  Long-term performance of the slope, vegetation and rock protection will be monitored by MWCD.

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