Take the Adventure BINGO Challenge at MWCD Lakes!

February 18, 2022

Winter is in full force, and the Muskingum Watershed Conservancy District (MWCD) is inviting residents to bundle up and get moving outdoors by participating in the seasonal Adventure BINGO Challenge! Being physically active in nature provides a variety of benefits year-round but is especially important in the winter months to help stave off winter blues.

MWCD lakes provide great destinations to enjoy the outdoors. During the winter months, area residents can be found participating in activities such as hiking, snow shoeing, cross country skiing, and bird watching to name a few.

“While the MWCD lakes are popular destinations in the spring, summer and fall, we want to remind guests that the public lands surrounding the lakes are also open and available during the winter too,” said Kara Musser, MWCD Program Coordinator. “Launching the BINGO challenge in the winter seemed like the perfect time to invite guests to explore our trails, and open spaces while blanketed in snow.”

Each season a new BINGO board with a list of outdoor activities will be released. The winter challenge is open now through March 19. Participants need to complete five activities from the board, in any order, to be entered for a chance to win a MWCD adventure package. The activities need to be completed on a MWCD property. Locations can be found by visiting www.MWCD.org, and there is no fee to enter any location until Memorial Day Weekend.

To be entered to win the winter adventure package, register and submit completed activities online at www.MWCD.org/AdventureBINGO by March 21, 2022. Winners will be randomly selected and contacted directly.

A new challenge will be offered each season during the following dates:

Winter:   December 21 - March 19

Spring:    March 20 - June 20

Summer: June 21 - September 21

Fall:         September 22 - December 20

If you complete all four seasonal challenges, you will be entered to win an ultimate adventure package.

Take a look at the winter Adventure BINGO board and then make your plans to get outside. Bring friend and challenge them to join you!

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