Tappan Marina Open House Coming this Fall

August 30, 2021

Finishing touches are being applied to the nearly $6 million Tappan Lake Marina and Restaurant renovation project! On the inside, trim is being installed, walls are being painted, and furniture is being delivered and assembled. On the exterior, the parking lot will be finished, landscaping planted, and soon the long-awaited project will be complete.

Jeremy Hoffer, MWCD’s Tappan Lake Marina Manager, is looking forward to closing the door to the job trailer he and his staff have called their office for the last year for the final time. In early September, they will move to a much more efficient space on the lower level of the marina where they will be able to better serve guests. “Currently, the staff is very spread out”, said Hoffer. “We have boat rental guests being served from a temporary structure on the US Route 250 side of the building, while staff assisting our dock rental customers, and fuel dock attendants are stationed on the lake side of the building. Once we can all be in the same area, we will be able to provide better, more efficient service.”

Tappan Lake draws anglers from Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia among other states and boating clubs and private groups host more than 100 fishing tournaments from April through October. The marina will feature pontoon and fishing boat rentals, boating supplies, gifts, bait and tackle, fuel sales, snacks, docking rentals, restrooms, and showers all under one roof.

“It has been amazing to see what began as blueprints transform into a beautiful facility,” said Boris Slogar, Chief Engineer for MWCD. “This is one of the most visible projects within the MWCD, located along US Route 250.” But it has not come without a few hiccups. “A variety of factors have caused delays and left the project a few months behind schedule.”

View of the lake from the deck   Restaurant Kitchen

The new restaurant will be operated by Matt Donahoe and Shari Lewis, owners of the Dennison Yard in Dennison, OH, and they are looking forward to opening Waters Edge Kitchen + Bar. “We are very excited and have been planning for the opening of the restaurant for several months,” said Matt Donahoe. “The restaurant will be a full-service restaurant and bar where boaters and visitors will experience a delicious meal in a beautiful and relaxing setting with a spectacular view of Tappan Lake. In addition to dine-in service, we will offer carry-out menu items that boaters can order and enjoy from the comfort of their boat.” 

“Unfortunately, due to the construction delays we have decided to hold off on opening the restaurant until Spring, 2022”, Donahoe said.  “Considering that the boating season is nearing a close, along with the difficulty in hiring staff, only to turn around and close for the season, has led us to decide to wait and open with a bang in the Spring to ensure we do things right.”

An open house is currently being planned to allow the public to tour the new facility this Fall.  The MWCD plans to open the facility from October through February for private, catered events such as holiday parties, baby showers, or wedding receptions. Reservation requests will be available beginning September 7th by calling 330-556-4838.

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