Anglers Saved from Drowning at Charles Mill Lake

July 23, 2021

Two anglers narrowly escaped being pulled into the dam at Charles Mill Lake late Thursday night. Rangers patrolling at Charles Mill, and Pleasant Hill Lakes received a distress call at 10:57 p.m. that a boat had capsized, two people were in the water, and the current was pulling them towards the dam.  MWCD Rangers; Corbin Mager and Adam McLellan, along with an Ashland County Sheriff Deputy, responded to the scene.  

Upon arrival, they found a small fishing boat had capsized, and a 57-year-old male, and 56-year-old female in the water in front of the trash gates at the dam struggling to stay above water. The Rangers and first responders retrieved rescue ropes and PFD’s (life jackets) and were able to pull the anglers to safety.   They were treated by EMS before being transported to an area hospital for treatment of non-life-threatening injuries.  Mifflin Fire Department, ODNR, and Ashland County Sheriff Deputies responded to assist with rescue efforts. 

The US Army Corps of Engineers Dam Attendant was contacted and closed the gates to slow the rushing water, so the boat could be pulled from the water.  Rangers were able to retrieve the small fishing boat from the dam and pulled it to the shoreline adjacent to the beach.   

“There is no doubt the Rangers and the First Responders performed their duties professionally and with the sense of urgency that saved the lives of two fisherman,” said John Maxey, MWCD Chief Ranger. “They jumped into action, and heroically saved these people. I am very proud of our Rangers and first responders who prevented what could have been a very tragic day on the lake. We cannot stress enough to wear a PFD while on the water and use extreme caution when fishing near the dam.”

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