MWCD Board Approves $6.1 Million Dollar Project at Tappan Marina

May 17, 2019

This fall, customers of Tappan Lake Marina will begin to see the first steps of a complete renovation of the MWCD-owned and operated facility. Improvements at the facility actually began in 2017 with the installation of over 200 new boat slips, and the addition of 36 more in 2018. The approximately $6 million project will include the development of a new restaurant on the main floor of the marina building, featuring seating for 250, including over 100 on a covered outdoor deck overlooking Tappan Lake. Kent and Cindy Murray, operators of the new Latitude 40 Restaurant at Tappan Marina, have been involved in the design process while serving customers this season, and are looking forward to serving even more diners in a brand-new facility next year.

The lower level of the marina, and adjacent waterfront areas, will be redeveloped as well, to make it easier and more accessible for the public to get to their docks, rent boats, and buy fuel, bait, snacks, and boating supplies.

Boat sales, provided by Keith Ott and Ohio Valley Boats, will have a new home in a completely renovated sales and showroom building, next to the main marina building. In a separate project, Keith is working on plans to construct a new service building on the north side of US Route 250, to handle the area’s boat repair and storage needs.

As the most visible of all MWCD facilities, site work will be extremely important. Parking, signage and lighting improvements will be highlighted, and an impressive landscaping design has been proposed. The site will also feature elements of green infrastructure, including storm water management and vegetative filter strips to protect the water quality of Tappan lake, and the use of geothermal energy, to reduce utility costs.

The multi-faceted project, scheduled for completion in 2020, should provide the residents of the Tappan Lake area with a facility they can be proud of, and that will also attract visitors from near and far.




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