Updated Sportsman’s Maps on MWCD Web Page


November 14, 2017

MWCD owns over 54,000 acres of land and water throughout eastern Ohio with the majority of acreage open to public access. The abundance of wildlife on MWCD lands offers unique opportunities to avid outdoor enthusiasts. Wildlife found throughout MWCD public access lands includes deer, wild turkey, squirrel, rabbit, waterfowl and other migratory gamebirds. Through a longstanding memorandum of agreement, the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) manages fish and wildlife on Conservancy District lands and lakes.

Conservancy District properties have irregular boundaries and certain areas such as campsites, marinas, residential areas, public roads and parks require a 500 foot no hunting zone from their boundaries so it is important for outdoorsman to be cognizant of these limitations.   In order to assist sportsmen to become familiar with these limited use areas and boundary irregularities, updated sportsman’s maps have been developed and can be found on the MWCD website at:


Sportsmen should also be aware that all hunting and fishing rules, regulations and license requirements of the State of Ohio apply to MWCD lands and lakes. ODNR rules and regulations can be found on the same MWCD web page link.



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