District Board Elects Officers


July 25, 2016


Muskingum Watershed Conservancy District Board Elects Officers


The Board of Directors of the Muskingum Watershed Conservancy District (MWCD) elected the new slate of officers at the July 22 meeting. Members serving as officers through May 2017 include President- Gordon Maupin from Wayne County, Vice President – Clark Sprang from Holmes County, Secretary John Hoopingarner who currently serves as Executive Director, and Treasurer – Jim Cugliari who is also the Chief Financial Officer.


Other Board actions at the July 22 meeting include:

  • Ratified the purchase of 36 acres of land and improvements for $255,000 located adjacent to Pleasant Hill Lake Park in Perrysville, Ohio.
  • Ratified the Amendment to the Atwood Lodge Donation Agreement which originally donated the Atwood Lodge, properties and mineral rights to Carroll County. Highlights of the proposed Amendment of the Donation Agreement include:
  • All mineral rights covering the original 500 acres in the donation agreement will be transferred back to MWCD.
  • The County will return and transfer approximately 425.5 acres of the original 500 acres to MWCD.
  • The County will sell at public auction approximately 74.5 acres which includes the Lodge buildings and equipment, par 3 golf course, driving range and parking lots. The County will keep the proceeds from this sale.
  • MWCD will work with the purchaser of the 74.5 acres to make arrangements for water supply to the Lodge property subject to certain terms and conditions consistent with Ohio EPA regulations.
  • The Atwood Lodge mineral rights fund will be transferred to MWCD and will be audited. MWCD will encumber these funds to be used as a grant to Carroll County’s Route 43 Corridor Water and Sewer Project subject to certain terms and conditions.
  • Approved the recommendation to advertise and award a construction contract for the Atwood Lake Park Campground Area 20 project once construction plans are completed later in 2017. The project involves the construction of 142 full-hookup RV campsites including site work and utilities, restroom/shower building, shelter, playground and abutments for cluster docks. Estimated construction is $7,750,000. Funds are from oil and gas revenues.
  • Approved the recommendation to advertise for bids for roadway improvements for Leisure Lane and Freedom Drive in Richland County. These roads serve MWCD cottage site areas in the Pleasant Hill Lake area. The estimated construction cost is $105,000. Funds are from oil and gas revenues.
  • Approved a total not to exceed fee of $141,106.91 with DLZ Ohio, Inc. to complete final design for improvements to Tappan Lake Park’s Waste Water Treatment Plant – Phase 1. Funds are from oil and gas revenues


Of other note the Ohio Auditor of the State Award, presented to the MWCD for exemplary financial reporting in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles for the year 2015, was acknowledged by the Board. The financial report is included in the 2015 Annual Report found on the website at www.mwcd.org.


The next regularly scheduled MWCD Board meeting will be held Friday, August 26 at 9:00am, at the New Philadelphia City County Chambers.


About the Muskingum Watershed Conservancy District

The MWCD, a political subdivision of the state, was organized in 1933 to develop and implement a plan to reduce flooding and conserve water for beneficial public uses in the Muskingum River Watershed, the largest wholly contained watershed in the State of Ohio. The District includes 18 counties and covers 8,000 square miles which is 20% of the state. The District’s 16 reservoirs and dams have been credited for saving an estimated $11.9 billion of potential property damage from flooding, according to the federal government. In addition, over 5.5 million customers a year use the District’s recreational facilities throughout Eastern Ohio which bolsters the region’s economy and augments the quality of life for Ohio’s residents. For more information about the MWCD visit www.mwcd.org


Outgoing MWCD Board President, Joanne Limbach (left) from Tuscarawas County, passes the gavel to in-coming Board President, Gordon Maupin (right) who is from Wayne County.




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