Updates to the Lottery for Seasonal Camping

January 12, 2015

All lotteries for seasonal camping at MWCD facilities will be March 21, 2015

In the past, the lottery for seasonal camping has been held on various dates in the beginning of April. Several parks have either held the lottery at 4pm on April 1st regardless of the day of the week, while other parks held their lottery on the first Saturday in April following April 1st. We have been soliciting feedback from customers during the lottery in an attempt to make it more user friendly. Based on the feedback we received, changes have been made that will enable us to better serve you, the customer.

One of the most significant changes is that all lotteries will be held on the 3rd Saturday in March. In 2015, all lotteries will be held on March 21st. In order to facilitate this change, the April 1st payment date will be moved to March 13th at 4pm. All other payment dates will remain the same. This will allow our staff the opportunity to update the lots available lists and put them out for customer review several days ahead of the actual lottery.

What to expect the day of the lottery:

The 1st lottery will start at 10am and the 2nd and 3rd lotteries will begin at 1pm running consecutively until completed. The break between the 1st and 2nd lotteries will allow customers an opportunity to update their list of available lots and visually inspect the lots that have become available as a result of the 1st lottery. This lottery schedule has been successful in a number of our facilities over the last few years. It greatly reduces the stress on the customers in addition to providing an opportunity to make more informed decisions when choosing a lot. Following the lottery, we ask that all customers who are required to relocate be on their newly assigned lot no later than April 1st.

NOTE: Piedmont Marina/Campground, Clendening Marina/Campground, Leesville, and Kokosing campgrounds lottery will begin at 4pm and will run consecutively until complete.

What is a Seasonal Camper?

A “SEASONAL” camper is one who maintains a seven (7) month camping permit. A seasonal permit begins April 1st and will end on October 31st.

What is the difference between each lottery?

First Lottery-Existing Seasonal Camper

The first lottery is for the previous year’s seasonal campers who did not need to complete a lot transfer to be considered a seasonal camper. They will have first option at any available campsites.

Second Lottery-Transfer Lottery

This Lottery is held for anyone who became a seasonal camper the previous year and completed transfer paperwork.   Any guest who completed the permit season will be guaranteed the option of a seasonal campsite, but will not be guaranteed the specific site on which the camper may be currently located on.

Third Lottery-New Seasonal Campers

This lottery is for guests wishing to become a new seasonal camper.  Tokens will be drawn at random until the seasonal camper limit has been reached.

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