MWCD files updated appraisal record

January 28, 2011

The Muskingum Watershed Conservancy District (MWCD) recently completed an update to its land parcel information system as required by law.


This update, called the Subsequent Appraisal Record (SAR), was filed with the Conservancy Court on Jan. 20 and affects about 2 percent of the nearly 700,000 tracts of property in the MWCD region (less than 15,000 total tracts). The information from the update will be used to calculate the appropriate annual assessment amount collected by the MWCD from benefited property owners and assures that the assessment is applied in a fair and equitable manner.


This routine update impacts only properties that had information assigned to the properties that has been updated or that were not appraised in the MWCD’s original appraisal of benefits.


Of the nearly 700,000 tracts of property within the jurisdiction of the MWCD, nearly 500,000 are subject to the annual assessment collection. Nearly 96 percent of all properties pay an annual assessment of $12 or less collected as part of a property owner’s county real estate tax statements.


Most properties in the MWCD region have not been affected by the update and the owners of those properties are not included in the SAR. As a result, they will not see any change in the present annual assessment they pay.


Assessment funds collected by the MWCD are used in the maintenance of the system of reservoirs and dams in the MWCD region, including the MWCD’s partnership with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) for rehabilitation at the dams.


When the MWCD began the original assessment process it pledged to property owners and public officials that it would routinely review the information to ensure that all property owners were being treated fairly. The update accomplishes this important pledge, said James J. Pringle, legal counsel to the MWCD.


“At the time the original appraisal record was developed, information came from 18 different counties with differing mapping and record keeping systems,” Pringle said. “With information and technology upgrades, the recently completed appraisal updates ensure that the assessment is applied in a fair and equitable manner in the MWCD region.”


Copies of the information for properties affected by the update are available online at the MWCD website at the following link: /conservation/assessment/check-your-assessment. Copies also are available for viewing in the clerk of courts offices at each of the 18 counties in the MWCD jurisdiction. The counties include: Ashland, Belmont, Carroll, Coshocton, Guernsey, Harrison, Holmes, Knox, Licking, Morgan, Muskingum, Noble, Richland, Stark, Summit, Tuscarawas, Washington and Wayne. 


Legal notices detailing the “subsequent appraisal record of the MWCD” were published Jan. 28 in daily newspapers across the 18-county MWCD region to notify the owners of the individual parcels that they were included in the SAR. The notice also included instructions and deadlines for filing exceptions to the appraisal of benefits.


Owners of properties included in the updated record who believe that the information assigned to their properties is incorrect are entitled to file an exception to the records and have the exception reviewed by the courts.


The MWCD, a political subdivision of the state, was organized in 1933 to develop and implement a plan to reduce flooding and conserve water for beneficial public uses in the Muskingum River Basin, the largest wholly contained watershed in Ohio. Since their construction, the reservoirs and dams in the MWCD region have been credited for saving more than $8 billion worth of potential property damage from flooding, according to the federal government. The reservoirs are managed by the MWCD and the dams are managed for flood-risk management by the USACE.


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