Completed Muskingum Watershed Parks and Marinas Master Plan

The MWCD worked with the planning firm of Woolpert Inc. of Dayton, OH, to develop the two-level master plan that supports the MWCD's mission of flood reduction, conservation and recreation. The first level structures broad, overarching district programs and services, facilities and design standards, as well as providing guidelines for management, operations and policies. The second level will include conceptual plans for each selected park facility or area to bring facilities to the desired level of function and optimal operation for current and future needs.

During the planning process that began in 2012, Woolpert engaged stakeholders - customers, guests and the general public - to discuss the MWCD recreational system as a whole and at the individual locations.

The Master Plan has been developed for the following facilities:

  • Atwood Lake Park
  • Charles Mill Lake Park
  • Pleasant Hill Lake Park
  • Seneca Lake Park
  • Tappan Lake Park
  • Piedmont Marina
  • Seneca Marina

The MWCD will utilize its website to provide periodic updates for development of the overall plan and at individual locations. Project lists for each year at each location will be developed and will be announced through the MWCD website and other methods. The MWCD staff currently is working on prioritizing the overall needs and an annual master plan budget and project list will be approved annually.

Suggested priorities and schedule included in the Master Plan is very aggressive. Therefore, scheduled projects and priorities may change and or be extended over longer periods of time. An overall prioritization of needs will take place initially and an annual master plan budget and projects will be approved annually.

Muskingum Watershed Master Plan Downloads

Full Master Plan Document (118 MB)
Section 1 - Introduction
(3 MB)
Section 2 - Planning Context
(10 MB)
Section 3 - Park System Overview
(15 MB)
Section 4 - All Park and Marina Master Plans
(81 MB)

MWCD Design Guidelines (10 MB)

Individual Parks

Atwood Lake Park
Charles Mill Lake Park
Piedmont Marina & Campground
Pleasant Hill Lake Park
Seneca Lake Park & Marina
Tappan Lake Park

2013 OPRA Conference Education Presentation

Strategies for Planning & Designing Financially Sustainable Recreation (5MB) 
Scott Barnhart, Chief of Recreation/Chief Ranger and Tony Luther, Recreation Coordinator, Muskingum Watershed Conservancy District; Andrew Pack, Group Manager, Design Services and Bruce Rankin, Landscape Architect, Woolpert; Leon Younger, President, Pros Consulting