Credit Program FAQs


Q What is an assessment credit?
A An assessment credit is a reduction in a property owner's assessment to be paid to the MWCD for implementation of a best management practice on the property that produces water quality improvements?
Q Who/What is eligible?                                                                                          
A Any parcel with an annual assessment of greater than $6 (greater than 1 ERU) is eligible. Some examples of eligible parcels of property that can be considered for participation for a credit include commercial, industrial, municipal, township, state, federal, Metropolitan Housing Authorities, charitable organizations, churches, boards of education (schools), park districts, education and more.
Q I own a residential and/or agricultural property. Why is it not eligible for consideration of a financial credit?                                                                                          
 A Residential and agricultural properties are assessed by the MWCD at the minimum annual assessment of $6. Implementation of an assessment credit against a minimum assessment will reduce it to less than the minimum permitted, and actually cost the MWCD more to prepare and administer than is being collected.
Q I already pay an assessment to a municipality or other entity for stormwater management. Why does that not qualify my property for an automatic credit?
 A There are several distinct differences between a stormwater utility management system and the planning and facilitating of the flow of water through a watershed. The most important distinction is that local stormwater utilities are just that - local. They are designed to move water out of a specified area as efficiently as possible. Unforuntately this sometimes causes increased water flow through the encompasing watershed, contributing to runoff, sedimentation and related issues. The identified goal of the watershed credit program is to reward conservation efforts that contribute to the health of the entire watershed. Because stormwater utility projects benefit only the immediate area, the parcels of property being served by the utility do not qualify for maintenance assessment credit.
Q How much credit can my property receive?
 A An individual parcel can receive a credit (reduction) of up to 30 percent off the annual overall assessment.
Q What makes a property eligible for credit?
 A In order for a parcel to be eligible for a credit, the parcel's Equivelent Residential Unit (ERU) must be greater than one (greater than an annual assessment of $6) and the Assessment Use Code (AUC) must not be Residential (R), Agricultural (A), or Vacant (V). For a complete list of credits offered for individual projects, click here.
Q How will I receive the financial credit if my parcel(s) qualifies?
 A In 2009, a cash credit will be sent by check directly to the owner of the property. In following years, the credit will be applied as a reduction of the overall assessment to be paid to the MWCD.
Q How do I apply for credit for my parcel(s)? What is the deadline?                                                                                        
 A A completed application is required, along with any significant data to detail a property's eligibility for credit. The application must be sent via mail or dropped off at the MWCD main office at 1319 3rd St. NW, New Philadelphia. The mailing address is:
  MWCD Assessment Credit
1319 3rd St. NW
New Philadelphia, OH 44663-0349
Q Do I have to apply every year to receive credit once it has been approved?
 A Once a credit application has been approved, it applies for five years. A new application is required at the end of each approved five-year period.
Q If I make changes to my parcel(s) and believe they make it eligible for additional credit, what should I do?
 A A new application can be submitted to provide for consideration of the update(s).
Q Will you visit my parcel(s) to inspect the items eligible for credit?
 A The MWCD reserves the right to review all parcels of property seeking credit during the application process and after eligibility has been granted.
Q Can I speak to someone about my parcel(s) prior to preparing the application?
 A The MWCD staff members are available from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday to answer questions about the assessment credits program. They can be reached by calling toll-free (866) 755-6923.
Q Who makes the determination about whether a parcel(s) qualifies for the credit?
 A MWCD staff members will review all applications and determine eligibility based upon the credits criteria.
Q A dollar amount for the benefit to my property has been assigned and is listed on the assessment review page. If my property receives a credit, will the benefit be reduced by a like amount?                                                                                           
 A No, the benefit assigned to individual parcels of property is not reduced by participation in the credits program.