Why an Assessment?

The Muskingum Watershed Conservancy District is absolutely committed to safeguarding our area by maintaining our dams and reservoirs for future generations. Adequately meeting this need will require a small investment from all property owners within the 18-county area in the form of a maintenance assessment levied by the MWCD.

The MWCD has functioned successfully for many years, relying almost solely on fees and revenues generated from parks and recreational facilities, land leases and various properties. Through prudent fiscal management, MWCD is the only active Conservancy District in the state that has not required an assessment to maintain flood protection and water quality benefits.

However, the aging system, completed in 1938, now has serious ongoing maintenance challenges, including a basic deterioration of the dam system's infrastructure. Every year, there are enormous costs incurred fighting the effects of erosion, sedimentation, debris collection and threats to water quality including acid mine drainage and sewage.

The current cost estimate for repairs is nearly $270 million - far more than MWCD revenues that come primarily from recreational fees.