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Charles Mill Lake Shoreline Project

2016-2017 Beach Area Shoreline

 Contractor: Mark Haynes Construction

Contract Price: $179,026.00

Project Length: 1709 LF

Project Description:

  • Messerly Building: Type C Rock Riprap with upper slope graded and seeded with riparian buffer custom seed mix. Located on the West shoreline of the Main campground below the Messerly Building.
  • CM03001 Charles Mill Park: Combination Type C Rock Riprap and 20” coir log seeded with Semi Aquatic plants and shoreline edge custom seed mix. Located along the Western shoreline and along the west side of the island.
  • CM99012 Charles Mill Park South Point: Type C Rock Riprap located along the southern point of the peninsula.

Click here for project location: CM03001, CM99012

2013-2014 Shoreline Area

Contractor: Tucson Inc.

Contract Price: $193,002.81

Project Length: 1811 LF

Project Description:

  • CM13001/13002/04001 Sites Lake: Type D rock riprap in 3 locations along the west side of Trout Drive.
  • CM99007/07002 Sites Lake: Type C rock riprap, much of which is vegetated with live stake plantings, along Perch Drive.
  • CM98001 Park: Type C rock riprap located along the western shoreline of the park, just west of the park gate house. 

Click here for project location: CM13001, CM99007, CM98001

2010-2011 Shoreline Area

Contractor: Mark Haynes Construction

Contract Price: $196,300.00

Project Length: 1667 LF 

Project Description:

  • CM99013 Campground: Type D rock riprap along the eastern shoreline of the main campground near the Messerly Building.
  • CM02001/95001/05002 Sites Lake: Type C rock riprap in three areas in the Sites Lake Cottage Area bay.

Click here for project location: CM99013, CM02001


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