Camping is a great way to reconnect with family and friends. Spring, summer and fall are all great times to enjoy the outdoors for different reasons. Whether you're ready to enjoy the budding leaves and fresh flowers of spring, stay up late during the warm summer nights or roast marshmallows in the cool fall air, camping allows us to leave the electronics behind, and appreciate our beautiful surroundings that nature provides.

The MWCD has campgrounds throughout the Eastern part of Ohio. Each campground is situated on one the 8 lakes throughout the region and has a slightly different feel. Whether you are looking for waterfront, full hook-up, basic or even primitive, the MWCD campgrounds have something to accommodate your needs.

Something unique about the MWCD Campgrounds is Seasonal Camping. This allows you to park your camper at one of our campgrounds from April 1 - October 31 so your camper is ready and waiting for you at a moments notice. Seasonal camping is great for everyone such as busy families, retired folks and everyone in between. To find out more information about seasonal camping, click here.

Each park offers something truly unique. Check out the following websites to find the perfect location for your next family vacation:

Atwood Lake Park

Charles Mill Lake Park

Clendening Marina and Campground

Pleasant Hill Lake Park

Piedmont Marina and Campground

Seneca Lake Park

Tappan Lake Park

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