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Once a job site hazard has been identified; immediate NOTIFICATION of the proper MWCD staff needs to be conducted. Prompt notification helps to prevent injury and establishes a plan of action to correct the identified hazard. Supervisors, managers or the Safety Administrator should be notified of any hazards for prompt corrective action.

Online Hazard Notification Form
Online form is transmitted directly to the Safety Administrator to report a hazardous condition or safety concern. Completing this form helps to provide written record of reports and starts the process of proper notification to all concerned managers and supervisors.

Safety Complaint Form
This document has been developed to assist all staff and managers in addressing employee perceived hazardous conditions, potential hazardous conditions or unsafe conditions that an employee feels endangers their health and safety.

Ohio Public Employment Risk Reduction Program PERRP
A regulatory agency that oversees safety and health issues for the MWCD. Using OSHA regulations as a guide, PERRP provides information, inspection and enforcement for the MWCD.

Safety and Health Protection on the Job Poster
Under provisions of Rule 4167-4-01 of the Ohio Administrative Code, public employers must post this notice in a conspicuous place where they customarily post such notices to their employees. Minimum reproduction size of this poster is 8 ½ x 14 inches. Alternatively, employers can give a copy of this notice to each employee at the time of hiring and at least annually thereafter.

To be completed if internal complaint requests have not been acknowledged. All sections must be properly completed prior to sending to PERRP.


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