Progress Output

Update - July 1, 2013

The Woolpert Team had a very productive all day workshop with the MWCD Board of Directors at the end of May. At that workshop the Board reviewed the preliminary programs and facilities proposed for each park, along with preliminary conceptual plans for each. The programs and plans are built around a theme for each park that emphasizes the park's special assets identified by stakeholders and the public over a series of meetings and through a survey. The board also discussed conceptual cost budgets to meet the deferred maintenance needs improve the infrastructure and operations, add facilities and amenities and bring the parks up to modern standards for service and facilities.

Following the Workshop, the team developed and reviewed with MWCD leadership, a conceptual pro-forma of operational costs and returns for each park if the proposed staffing, management and physical improvements are made. Based on the board workshop and the pro-formas, the team is proceeding to prepare business plans for the operation of each park, and the system as a whole, and to refine the proposed improvements to park facilities. The Team is also working with MWCD managers and staff to outline phasing strategies for implementing the improvements, based on stakeholder and public priorities, management goals and anticipated available funding.

The Team will be returning to the Board in July, to review the draft master.


UPDATE - April 8, 2013

The Woolpert Team just completed a week of very productive and informative design charettes with the district's Park Managers and other MWCD Staff on conceptual recommendations for the proposed improvements and programs at the lake parks and marinas. These "bubble diagram" concepts / alternatives illustrated the teams recommended improvements to these existing parks and facilities from new upgrades, to new and improved expanded facilities that were developed through the visioning process and programming process earlier in the year.

Simultaneously, the team is currently reviewing and developing probable construction cost estimates for constructing these improvements, reviewing pricing policies for rates and charges, and preparing a cost benefit assessment of the concepts/alternatives to help the MWCD staff and Board to prioritize programs and facilities improvements for each park and marinas within the study. This cost benefit assessment utilizes an Algorithm to evaluate each improvement independently and the improvements are prioritized within each park and within the system. The variables evaluated for each project include: Project Costs, Public Need, Health and Safety, Regulatory Compliance, Business Continuity, Operational Evaluation and Return on Investment.

The team will be presenting to the MWCD Board of Directors at the end of May at a "day long" workshop to refined the conceptual plans and review the cost benefit assessment. It is anticipated that theses concept plans will be presented to the general public in an "open house forums" in June/ July 2013.

UPDATE - March 7, 2013

The Woolpert Team just completed their cross tabulations review of the statistical public survey perform last fall. This information is being used by the team to develop the preliminary program of activities, facilities and amenities for the park system. Using this detailed assessment of the survey data, the team is able to process and develop a program for each of the parks. The team is now working with MWCD staff to refine and develop a list of potential themes for each park based on the public input, their unique physical natural and cultural assets, and the market to guide the draft program and facilities development.

Using this draft program, the team is refining their review of the physical analysis of the parks and marina sites to assess the recreational development potential to quantify the nature and amount of deferred maintenance needed to bring the parks up to standard. In addition, review new development possibilities to fully meet public demand within the physical opportunities and constraints of each park and marina site. The team will present this information to staff and the board in workshop sessions which will lead to alternative development concept plans for each park.

Concurrently, the team has begun to develop cost estimates for constructing the improvements, pricing policies for rates and charges, and which facilities/ program opportunities will be provided at little to no cost. From this, the team will build a cost benefit assessment of the alternatives to help the MWCD staff and board choose the preferred programs and facilities improvements for each park.


UPDATE - January 18, 2013

Presentation for the Muskingum Watershed Board of Directors (4MB)