Camping & Cabins in Ohio's MWCD

Cabin at Tappan Lake ParkMake your reservations for a family vacation cabin today!
The family vacation cabins at four of the Muskingum Watershed Conservancy District (MWCD) parks are accepting reservations for 2014.

And don't hesitate, because the cabins have become popular destinations for families and groups, and fill up fast!

THE FAMILY VACATION CABINS AT ATWOOD LAKE PARK ARE OPEN ALL YEAR LONG! What a great way for a winter wonderland getaway, or for a great holiday party, New Year's Eve celebration and more. Contact Atwood Lake Park today for special rates and details. To view pictures click here.

(May 1st - October 31st)
All rates are subject to applicable sales and bed tax for the area.
ATWOOD PARK (10 Cabins)
  Weekly $ 685.00  
  Daily   112.00  
PLEASANT HILL PARK (10 Cabins, 1 House)
  Weekly: Cabins $ 550.00  
  Daily: Cabins   95.00  
  Weekly: House   815.00  
  Daily: House   135.00  
SENECA PARK (5 Cabins)
  Weekly $ 533.00  
  Daily   91.00  
TAPPAN PARK (11 Cabins)
  Weekly: Cabins 1-10 $ 848.00  
  Daily: Cabins 1-10   135.00  
  Weekly: Cabin 11   545.00  
  Daily: Cabin 11   95.00  

* Reservations subject to availability and certain restrictions during the year. Rates do not include applicable sales taxes.
* Off-season rates vary. Please contact the park for current rate information.

Contact one of the parks today for more details.

Camping all year long!

Camping is not just for summer.

In fact, the five Muskingum Watershed Conservancy District (MWCD) lake parks offer camping all year long. Camping is available at Atwood, Charles Mill, Pleasant Hill, Seneca and Tappan lake parks for only $20 per night from mid-October until April.

Take advantage of those mild weekends by visiting the parks. For more details, contact your favorite park.


Spending a night or more at a Muskingum Watershed Conservancy District (MWCD) lake provides an ideal setting for a family vacation and recreational getaway.


Overnight camping is available at several MWCD lakes with numerous options for accommodations based on individual preferences. Primitive camping, camping sites with electric availability, camping sites with full electric and water hookups, camper cabins, patio cabins and family vacation cabins are available at the MWCD lakes.

The MWCD operates campgrounds at the following:

  • Atwood Lake Park - More than 600 campsites with group camping available; patio cabins; and family vacation cabins.
  • Charles Mill Lake Park - More than 500 campsites; and patio cabins.
  • Pleasant Hill Lake Park - More than 500 campsites; group camping; camper cabins; and family vacation cabins.
  • Seneca Lake Park - More than 500 campsites; two campground locations; patio cabins; camper cabins; and family vacation cabins.
  • Tappan Lake Park - More than 500 campsites; camper cabins; and family vacation cabins.
  • Piedmont Marina Campground - 80 campsites; log cabin; and 10 room motel.
  • Kokosing Campground - Located in Knox County on North Branch of Kokosing River. Modern shower building and nearby access to river for fishing, boating and recreation. This campground is operated by Charles Mill Lake Park.
  • Leesville South Fork Campground - Located near Clow's Marina at Leesville Lake, this campground is operated by Atwood Lake Park.

Campgrounds also are located at Clendening Marina at Clendening Lake and Petersburg Marina at Leesville Lake. Those campgrounds are operated by the marina staffs

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